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A global, economic crisis is sweeping our planet! Read the special report that I have attached. In the midst of this economic chaos, is God sending a NEW, FINANCIAL ANOINTING??? It's here, and just in time!


Partner Ministry Letter

Dear Partner,

Our brand-new, charter-edition of the life-changing FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE is off the press!!! I have just taken delivery of this absolutely amazing Bible. Within this one Bible is the result of over twenty years of intensive prayer, research, revelation, and miraculous provision.

God arrested me!!!

As I began to prepare this FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE to send to you, God arrested me with a revelation about it that will take you into an arena of the miraculous that you have never experienced before.

Please let this sink deeply into your spirit: the FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE is a supernatural work of God! It is a new Bible on finances and business that far surpasses our Financial-Breakthrough, Spiritual-Warfare Bible. Did you hear that? You need this bible now!!! We have been working for over three years on this Bible with one of the world's finest publisher of Bibles, Livingstone.

Who would have believed that right when the financial world was rocking again, and financial confusion was at its highest point (the Dow Jones is down by one thousand points), our new FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE would roll off the press? This is not the work of a man! This is the work of the Holy Spirit! I have included over 1,600 hundred pages of divinely-inspired instructions within the leather covers of this amazing Bible.

You need this Bible now, more than at any other time in your life!!! Making the FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE part of your every day life, will start an over flow of FINANCIAL MIRACLES. In that overflow of financial miracles, God will pour upon you a FINANCIAL ANOINTING. That anointing will yield a more-than-enough, daily provision that will more than meet your needs from the abundance of an open heaven.

Beloved, how far do you want to go? If you truly want to be used by God, then I want to rush you the all-new FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE so that you can devour its miraculous, financial revelations and become the end-time financier of God's harvest that He has called you to be.

You know, I just received a desperate call from Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is ninety-two percent Buddhist and five percent Muslim. You have perhaps read in the newspapers about the recent devastation and destruction there. Entire cities are under water. People are suffering severely. You may or may not know that I have accepted a separate call to also go to North Korea. I asked the Lord: "Is this true? How can I go to Thailand with all of these other meetings?"

Indonesia has a hundred and fifty million people and is the largest Muslim nation in the world. I've also just come from a missions trip of many thousands of miles throughout Europe, Africa, and Israel. I said: "Lord, we have made no appeals for these meetings. How can we add Thailand?"

The Lord reminded me that these new, precious, FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLES were coming off the press and to sow them into the lives of those who would pick up the challenge for these nations that are less than seven percent Christian. Multitudes are going to hell without the help needed to send God's servant to these nations to plant seeds for their salvation. Now, I'm willing to go. Though it will be extra-hard on my body, I'm willing to go. BUT, are you willing to make a sacrifice to send me? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? (Romans 10:15, emphasis added).

I'm asking if you would stand with me to go to these nations for a sacrificial gift of $100, $50, or even $200. With your gift of $100 or more, I will place in your hands this Bible to give you the keys to know what is happening, right now, in the prophetic world, the spiritual world, and the financial world. Click here to request your copy of my all-new FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE, now. Your gift will give God's servant the ability to fulfill North Korea, fulfill going back to China, fulfill going to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

I am praying that God will use your gift, this seed-gift, to fulfill, even before the FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE GETS to you, any financial needs that you may have at this time. Click here to send me your most urgent prayer needs for Theresa, me, our mighty prayer warriors, and our World Evangelism intercessors to pray over.

Partner, thank you for helping me to rescue the perishing! Thank you for helping me to throw out the lifeline! Thank you for wanting others to have the same love of Christ in them that you have in your life! I love you more than words can express, and I know that God cannot help but bless you.

The special features on this Bible are absolutely incredible:

•   Power-Principles For A Successful Business
•   173 pages of Prophetic Revelations
•   32 word studies
•   14 Prosperity Profiles
•   23 Prophetic Words
•   The three unchanging feasts that God gave to His chosen people
•   All-New Prophetic Introductions to EVERY BOOK of the Bible

I could go on and on. God has promised me that the FINANCIAL FREEDOM BIBLE will be the very best friend that you have ever had. This Bible will guide you through the global, economic crisis that we are living in right now. It will be a comfort in your time of turmoil. So, please read the very special brochure that I have attached to discover more details of this extraordinary Bible. Then, send your special seed-gift of $100, $50, or even $200. Remember, with your gift of $100 or more I can send your Bible to you immediately.

Don't wait another minute! All of the Bibles are here, in our office, and I am ready to send you a personal, first-edition copy. FEAR NOT!!! In the midst of this global crisis, God has promised that a new, financial anointing is coming upon you. Order your Bible today!!!

God's servant,
Brother Cerullo's signature

PS:    Partner, I have laid bare a bleeding heart for SOULS. I pray only that you will listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, and obey His Word. May God bless you and multiply back to you every seed that you sow today in support of World Evangelism!

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