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Jan 29, 2013

Prophecy Over New America 2013 And Beyond

Redesign, Realign, Rebuild and Restore America

Read This Timely, Prophetic Word for America!

Partners and Friends,

I received this prophetic Word from another ministry and wanted to share it with you. Email me your thoughts at

The Church in America has assumed there has been a systematic power shift from God’s House to the White House. The enemy has had the Church deceived to believe this lie, forcing them to accept a place of defeat in the spirit realm.

This is further compounded by the Church’s divisive line around political ideologies and personalities. The Church has taken their basic human right to choose who they are to vote for into the self-agenda and humanistic realm.

The Church in America must rediscover her place, position, and power in the affairs of their nation and the nations of the world. God is summoning the Church in America to regain her place as head over the nation. She is to know her Lord is on the Throne and has not abdicated His rule. Kingdoms may come and kingdoms may collapse, BUT He is still on the throne. The Church sits before Him in honor, and this reality must hit home among Christians across America.

The Christian supporting various political parties see their human rights perspective as the deciding factor rather than the prophetic aspects of God’s purpose and destiny for this land.

Until the Church recognizes this and pulls together as one voice, one people, one race, one nation, for one purpose and one destiny, the White House will symbolize the illusive power of men over the Kingdom of God.

The Church will become the tipping point to stop the power struggle in the political arena. All across America, the Church must unite as one voice and be His representative to lead the nation into this decade of acceleration.

The Church must stop dividing itself and weakening its hold on national agenda and destiny. We must pull together if America is to regain her place, position, and power in the spiritual realm and before the nations.

Thus saith the Lord, “I will kindle a fresh fire, a new love, and a renewed passion in the heart of the nation for the land. This fire will burn every dry tree and every green tree until all are consumed by its engulfing flame. I will ignite this fire and spread the flames across the nation.

There will soon be a breaking down of these divisions, which are keeping My House divided. A sovereign move and fresh fire will consume these barricades of men and boundaries of ancient powers. I will cause them to become united on the Kingdom agenda for this nation.

I have not finished with America yet. There is a final move that I will bring across America to “Redesign, Realign, Restore and Rebuild America!”

This move of God will give America an opportunity to update and upgrade. Each Church denomination and every strategic ministry will need to come into the Kingdom agenda and mandate. The Charismatic, faith, and prophetic movements will converge and become the leading force for this Decade of Destiny (2012 — 2022). No longer will it be said that the Charismatic Movement is just superficial; the Faith movement, just indulgent; or the Prophetic movement, just futuristic. The Lord will cause this thing to come about suddenly so they can see the bridge to connect with each other and in doing so, merge to become upgraded and updated to complement and complete each other. It is this coming together on the Kingdom platform that will restore the power, honor, and trust in what God is doing in His House. The politicians and political realm will bow to Mount Zion, which will be the highest of all mountains, (domains, and governments). This coming together of the SAINTS and SONS will cause the kingdoms of the earth to serve the Lord (Psalms 102:22).

I foresee when these three movements converge, others in the Church will recognize it is the time for America’s transformation. They will shift their focus from mega churches and mega ministries to the Omega. He will find pre-eminence and prominence in their pursuit of the future.

I foresee America has a final phase to make good what God started on her soil. The nation will rise once again.

I foresee that the American economy and its currency will rise up stronger than it is now, though the growth will move from sluggish, to slow, to healthy. It will not hit the ‛unusual’ realm and strength in the next three to five years, but will once again become the currency to be reckoned with.

I foresee the ability of the American people rising above every crisis, rebuilding America, and causing the nations to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit.

The prophets of doom sent to prophesy America’s downfall were motivated by the spirit of jealousy, stemming out of the nations. Why is it that America has been given all these blessings and prosperity and fame with no price tag or sufferings? So the evil spirits of men have said, ‛let us strike her to her knees and see if she will still bless and honor her God.’

The times of calamity and trial are just periods of transition. God will give America the grace to rise from one pit to another, but she will eventually prevail.

God is summoning America to bear the fruits of repentance and return to her passion for God and His purpose. As the American Church at large turns to God, the power shift at the White House will be felt. Out of Zion will go forth the scepter, not just from the White House (Ps 110:1-2)!

Since the second Iraq War, America has been stripped of her honor, dignity, and place among the nations. God will remove the curse brought upon by the shedding of innocent blood; He will remove this for America and others caught in wars. When Abraham went to Egypt, he brought back Hagar. But he became obedient as time went by and God commended him to Isaac (Gen 26:1, 5). However, the Hagar issue still plagued his descendents. God will turn His favor around to protect this nation from the ill decisions of its leaders. Policy after policy has kept this nation in debt, in decline, and in distress.

This election will bring no significant change to reroute us toward America’s destiny. However, a change of style and policies will put confidence back into America and in the heart of the nation. There must be drastic increase of employment, and jobs must be created and filled by the competent. America needs more than just policies, but we need the will and power to implement them accurately. We need more than talk, we need the ones who can walk the talk.

We need someone who understands the business arena, because that’s the only thing NOW keeping America from sinking further. We need someone who will train others NOT to be dependent on the government, but we need those who will proclaim, ‛my own hands have ministered to my own needs’.

Democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote for themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority of voters will always vote for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result the democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policies.”
Alexander Fraser Tytler

We need to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs as they are keeping things intact because of their self-effort and interest for the well-being of their own enterprise. We need to find ways to educate the larger populace to rise above bailouts and handouts. This entitlement mentality is destroying economies across the nations. The government is not our shepherd, BUT the Lord is. We do not want more of the same in the future. We need change that will cause people in the streets to roll up their sleeves and work for productivity. We can then create conducive environments and the necessary technology for greater efficiency and effective delivery.

There is a new generation in America who has seen the future as God has enlightened their eyes so they can crossover to takeover. This generation will not die in the wilderness, but will crossover to possess the land. They are sitting outside the walls of Jericho while God finishes His work in them, removing the reproach of sin, sickness, and satanic influence. Then they will be ready to eat the harvest of the land. They will know how to till and work the land to produce their own crops and prepare their own meals. That’s the New America.

We will welcome that finishing generation who has power to prevail and the grace to govern. This Decade of Acceleration will see the rising of a new breed without greed. They will be like Gideon set upon the national interest and not wrapped up in self-agenda (Judges 6:13).

A New America needs a new people, a new passion, a new Church and a new nation. America, this is your time to come out from decline and rise up into your glory. The latter glory will be even greater than the former. God bless America!

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