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In 1962 God asked Morris Cerullo, "What Do You Want From This Life". Morris Responded and said, "Give me the Ability to take the Anointing You have placed on my life and pass it on to others.

Since 1962 Morris Cerullo has personally trained over 1,700,000 foreign nationals to take the saving and healing message of Jesus Christ to virtually every nation on the face of the Earth.

God's Victorious Army was established to help fund the training of these nationals.

Those who join God's Victorious Army pledge to give $30 a month to help support Morris Cerullo's overseas ministry and the training of nationals.

Each month God's Victorious Army (GVA) members receive exciting testimonies from foreign nationals who are reaching their nations for Christ. Each month members of GVA also receive personal training materials to help build their faith and mature them in their faith.

God's word says, " …a threefold cord is not quickly broken" (Ecclesiastes 4:12) YOU can become a part of the vital cord that makes God's Victorious Army strong. You, Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and the foreign national along with God's anointing will reach millions for Christ.

With your God's Victorious Army commitment, you will help to fulfill the mandate that God has given us to build Him an army. Your faithful, monthly GVA commitment of just one dollar a day ($30 a month) will be used to change the spiritual destiny of entire nations.

You, the Nationals, and Morris Cerullo will be linked in a powerful, three-fold cord to defeat the enemy and evangelize the world before Jesus returns.

Here is what you will receive as a new member of God's Victorious Army!

  • A powerful training series from The Elijah Institute
  • A GVA Certificate of Completion when you have completed this powerful training course from The Elijah Institute,
  • A Membership Card. Your GVA card entitles you to receive 50% OFF approved books and training materials at our seminars and conferences.
  • You will receive a Membership Pin Bonus
  • and when you sign up for auto-pay you will receive a special bonus gift. See below for details.

Dear Friend, I want you to know how much we are looking forward to adding your name to the ever-growing ranks of God's Victorious Army. By accepting your membership, you will come to know the joy of helping to take the gospel of Christ throughout the world.

I would consider it a privilege to transfer the same anointing that God has placed on my life onto yours. In recognition of your partnership, I want to send you your God's Victorious Army membership card and beautiful pin. During my sixty-one years of ministry, God has transferred the same anointing that He placed upon my life and ministry to over 1.7 million Nationals. God has now told me to invest more time into your life by training and preparing you to walk in the same anointing that He placed upon my life and to transfer the same anointing that I have been giving to Nationals and to YOU!

Every month as my God's Victorious Army Partner, you will receive the Frontline News and your next installment of The Elijah Institute training series, Strategies of Satan Against Believers as my gift to you. Plus, when you sign up as an Automatic Giver, you will also receive a valuable bonus gift. Your choice of either the Financial Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare Bible, containing my personal commentaries from more than six decades of worldwide ministry, or Marked by the Holy Spirit, four of my life-changing messages that were recorded live, during an awesome World Conference. Don't delay. This is your time to step into a deeper relationship with God and experience the joy that comes from knowing that your God's Victorious Army commitment will be helping to spread the gospel throughout the world.

Please consider becoming a member of God's Victorious Army today.

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