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3 - Finances / Provisions


As I was planning my wedding, I sent in a prayer request for financial breakthrough and heavenly support for my wedding. Along the way there was trial and tribulation; I even lost my job six weeks before my wedding. But, the Lord surprised me with the financial provision from the church I am attending as well as from family and friends. The wedding was accomplished without any personal contribution from me, except for my suit. Thank you, Jesus! And, thank you, Lord, for the prayer warriors that kept on raising my prayer request to you.

- Great Britain


Dear Pastor Morris Cerullo, I want you to know that through reading your Financial Breakthrough and Spiritual Warfare Bible (Portuguese translation published by Pastor Silas Malafaia’s Victory in Christ Ministries in Brazil) for six months now, I've been learning about the roots of the relationship between God and His people. I’ve been learning how to get my finances organized and how to break old vicious habits like borrowing money. God has set me free from my borrowing “addiction!”

- Brazil


I asked for prayer ,for my daughter Nathalie, who was having financial problems. She runs a day care and suddenly had only three children, which did not provide enough money to pay the bills for her home and two children. My daughter has now received two more children for her day care. We give all the glory to God, and I am overjoyed!

- Canada

Dr. Geral

I sent in a prayer request last week regarding my Social Security. They said I would not get a check until 2018. Praise God! I just received a letter from Social Security notifying me that I will receive a check this month, November 2015, and then the checks will continue. Thank God for your prayer team.

- Tennessee


I called for prayer concerning an eviction notice I received informing me that I had to move. I did not have the funds or anyone to help move my things. We prayed for time or for the landlady to reverse the eviction. After prayer, my landlady cancelled the eviction and court date. Praise God!

- Washington, D.C.

Rev. Dorothy

I called for prayer concerning my rising bills because I did not have enough money to pay them. One was a hospital bill totaling over $4,000, and the other bill was from a clothing store. The prayer asked for debt cancelation. I called the hospital to see if they could wait for payment and was told that there was no payment due. I had a zero balance! I called the clothing store asking the same thing, but was told again there was no payment due. God had given me debt cancelation! Praise God for His goodness!

- Pennsylvania


I called for prayer because my landlord was about to raise my rent, which I could not afford due to living on a limited income. Your prayer minister prayed that God would change the mind of my landlord to keep his rent the same or that it would be raised only a very small amount. Praise God! My rent did not change from the amount it had been before.

- California

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