3 - Finances / Provisions


My husband and I were both out of jobs and it’s been real hard on us not having enough funds to live on. We stepped out on faith and gave a $20 gift for Passover. That might not seem like much to most, but for us it was gas money or food. John, my husband had been laid off work for over eight years and we were desperate for more finances. God in His mercy enabled John to get his old job back after years of not working there. Praise God for the victory!

- California


I called for prayer because my daughter Vanessa, who has kidney problems, and I needed a place of our own. I started a job less than a year ago and didn’t know if I would qualify for an apartment. My finances were not that much, and with two mouths to feed, it was hard. When I called your ministry, I had just put in an application for an apartment and was hoping they would not turn me down. God blessed us! We were approved for the apartment and the rent is something I can afford. Praise God!

- California

Steve & Imogene

Thank you, Papa and Mama Cerullo, for all of your prayers. At the 2014 World Conference, Papa prophesied that God was going to give many of us debt cancellation. My husband and I lost our home the following January. Then, we attended your 2015 World Conference and within one week after the Conference, we received a notice to leave our property. We were seeking house after house and couldn’t find a place to live. Before the end of January 2015, God provided a place for us. Also, we received a letter from the bank stating that the debt we owed them in the amount of $107,299 was canceled. Our balance is zero! We thank God for His grace and mercy, and Papa and Mama, we thank you and your ministry for all of your prayers.

- Connecticut


After placing my prayer request because I needed money to settle some debts, God has been settling my financial needs in His divine way every day! I make money in my every effort. Glory to God in Jesus’ Name!

- Nigeria


I called your prayer line because we did not have any money for food or to put gas in the car. This morning when I checked our joint account, we had finally received our state income tax refund after several weeks of waiting and calling the government about it. Your prayer counselor told me that God was going to bless us with finances immediately to get food and gas, and that before the week was out, He would bless us with finances to pay all our bills. Thank you Jesus for the food and gas money – and more to come. Your prayer counselor was such a blessing and inspiration to me.

- North Carolina

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