3 - Finances / Provisions


Thank you for standing in prayer with me. My services have increased, and God gave me provision. My office room was able to be paid this month. It was just enough to pay my expenses of $600. I am thankful that my resources are increasing, so that I can sow my tithe to the church and give offerings as God directs, and still have extra resources for investing in the marketplace.

- California


I want to thank Morris Cerullo for his CDs that I received as a GVA partner. I listened to the CDs every day and prayed for debt cancellation. God gave me favor to have a debt of $30,000 cancelled. Praise God!

- California


I called for prayer that my rent at the hotel where I live would be reduced and I could be on a monthly lease. After prayer, I went to see the hotel manager. God blessed me with favor to receive both requests: My rent lowered and a new monthly lease. Praise God for His goodness!

- California


I had asked your ministry to pray for our house in Lami to be rented. God brought a couple to rent it. Now, they have gone back to Australia, but the good news is that we are moving back into the house by creating a flat for my daughter and me. The whole house will be given to the Co-operative for leases, where they can use it for their workshop and meetings, too. We stay there and do not pay anything. Amen! Secondly, God is bringing in finances to pay for the Bookshop rent and other expenses. Praise be to God alone.


- Fiji

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