3 - Finances / Provisions


Thank you, Prayer Center, for praying for my daughter to get a position with higher pay as a doctor. She did! Glory be to Jesus!

- Virginia


I had a credit card debt of $12,112 with no income or way to pay it. I called Helpline for prayer. I then received a letter in the mail from my credit card company notifying me that they were cancelling the entire amount I owed. Also, I received a check in the mail from an unknown source in the amount of $5,400. Praise God!

- Montana


I was frantic because I had a new job that seemed overwhelming. I was asked to do a lot of things I didn’t know how to do like preparing graphs, charts and reports on a new system I knew nothing about. I had been out of a job for a long time and needed this job badly. You prayed for me for wisdom, uncommon favor and that I would have faith in the abilities God gave me. Since prayer, God has helped me to better understand the new PC system and my presentation went very well. Praise God for His goodness!

- Montana


I had been calling many different loan companies, trying to get a loan with no success. So, I called Helpline and asked for prayer about getting a loan. The very same day, I got a call from a loan officer, telling me that I had been approved for a loan. I love the anointing on the Helpline prayer ministers and their prayers.

- California


I asked you to pray that my hotel rent would be lower ‒ something that I could afford ‒ because living in a hotel can be very expensive. I gave an offering for the Eagle Anointing on behalf of my prayer for lower rent. God blessed me! My rent is so much lower – even lower than I asked for. Praise God for His goodness! Also, I placed on the altar my desire to receive a very large amount of money from my income taxes for 2014. You agreed with me in prayer. I received very close to that amount. Praise God!

- California

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