3 - Finances / Provisions


I requested prayer because I could not find a tenant for my rental property. It was vacant for several months and this was causing a lot of financial hardship. After prayer, I was able to rent the property and my new tenant signed a 10-year lease!

- Canada


I would like to thank God for giving me a new job that I had tried to get for five years. It was just weeks after I went to your Birmingham partner appreciation. I applied for a job in November and in December I got the job. I sowed a seed and was given a Financial Freedom Bible.

- U.K.


I submitted a prayer request regarding my financial situation. My job was temporary even after seven years of repeated renewal contracts from my employer. A year ago I received an offer of permanent employment and then a month ago, I received a permanent offer of employment at a senior level and at a location very close to my home. This is a federal government job so it is a very big deal. Who could do this but Jesus? To God be all the glory! Thank you very much for your prayers and support!

- Canada


My wife and I attended your European Bible Conference in London. During the missions call, we gave what we had. A prophetic word was spoken by you, Dr Cerullo, that within 10 days those that sowed would receive a miracle from the Lord. We had a very specific financial need at the time. Anyway, we went back home to Edinburgh, Scotland. About eight days later my wife checked our bank account to make sure we still had enough money to see us through to the end of that week. She got a huge surprise when she discovered that someone had placed £250.00 into our account!

- U.K.


Dearest Papa and Mama! I just want to let you know what the Lord has done for my sister Rachael and her husband Peni Raqoqo in Fiji. The Housing Authority has sent laborers and $4,000.00 to renovate their house. Thank you so very much for your 30 Days of Prayer. We salute the Lord our King for this favor in Jesus Name! Shalom.

- California

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