3 - Finances / Provisions


I gave double the amount I planned to give. When I got back to the hotel where I live, I found they had given me a free day of rent. Also, I received a double amount of a product that I ordered, but did not have to pay for the extra amount. Praise God!

- California


My previous job was very strenuous; hence, I wanted to leave it immediately. At the end of the month I sacrificed into your Ministry The following month I had an interview and now have started the new job. Thanks for your ministry, and much Lord's blessing to you.

- Kenya


I believe in God and when I am at my lowest point with no one to turn to, I always turn to Him. I am humbled that despite all my wrongdoings, He listens to my cries and helps me. I started sending prayer requests to the MCWE website early last year. I was in an oppressive job where I was earning peanuts and being rejected and mistreated. It was my “Egypt.” And, every day I’d send a request begging God to take me out of there and finally my prayers were answered. I got a good job with better pay; in fact, it was double my previous salary. However, the job was on a contract basis, and my desire was to get a permanent and pensionable job with the government. I applied for such a job last year in August, and kept believing God that I’d get it even though the process was very competitive. 615 people applied, while they were hiring only 15. Meanwhile, in my new job I received so much favor and got promoted last week. And, this week I got the news that I was one of the 15 who had been selected! I also learned how to tithe and have been tithing faithfully to my local church. I have not lacked since.

- Kenya


I rejoice in God for all His blessings! I am an elder in your ministry. A few months ago I was in an accident with my 2012 van. The van was totaled, but God gave me a new one! Right now, I'm waiting for your Pentecost program to come on ‒ I do not want to miss it! I have been with your ministry since 1995, and have learned so much and am still learning. Recently, I planted a seed of 1,100.00 in your ministry, and it was the largest seed I ever planted! I love you and Mama Theresa and your mighty ministry in the earth. Thank God for a prophet after God's own being!

- South Africa


I have been applying for jobs since January 2015. I attended eight interviews. All were unsuccessful. When Dr. Cerullo came to London in May 2015, he anointed us with the laying on of hands. I went for an interview the next day, and have been offered the job. I return all the glory to almighty God. Thank you, Dr. Cerullo. . .God used you to break the spirit of joblessness in my life. Greetings to you and Mama Theresa, and all your staff. I love you all.

- U.K.


I thank God for Hs grace being showered on my finances. He has answered my prayers numerous times. Since I’ve been sowing seeds and offerings at the appointed times and seasons that God has requested, He is supernaturally blessing me!

- Louisiana

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