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3 - Finances / Provisions


I sent in a request for prayer for finances, and today I was able to send in two checks to your ministry: One for Israel and one for your Legacy Center. Thank you so much for your prayers. It will take a few days for my mail to reach you. God bless you.

- Virginia


Because I have a low monthly income, my mortgage company representative told me that I do not have to pay the $80,000 I owe for the next 25 years. Hallelujah! That will free me up so I can get my Bible college tuition paid off. Praise the Lord!



My house had gone into foreclosure, so I applied for a loan modification. I had been waiting for six years to get approved, but to no avail. Five months ago, it suddenly got approved. A debt of $150,000 was also cancelled.

- Florida


I received a financial miracle after you prayed about my salary, which had been withheld for my going home because of sickness. Thank you for your prayers.

- Trinidad & Tobago


I submitted a prayer request for God to bless me with the money to cover my full tuition for my remaining graduate degree program after the university informed me that I had no more funds to cover my tuition. But, I stepped out in faith and ordered my text book anyway for the summer quarter. Well praise God! Two days after I was told that I had to drop my class, God blessed me with the money to cover my full tuition with more than enough left over to help take care of living expenses. Praise God! I will be able now to complete my graduate degree program!

- Virginia

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