3 - Finances / Provisions


Dear Morris, Theresa and staff, recently a man allowed me to clean out his flower bed and I was able to help him split wood as well as doing other things. This man who helped me get work also talked with a neighbor that needed some trees cut as well as some wood split. I have been working every day so far this week; it is great to have work to do. I had sent in my prayer request for work a few days before. God is definitely an awesome God!

- North Carolina


I requested prayer for my boyfriend to receive a job that would be perfect for him. He is a talented, hard worker and needed a job that would meet all of his needs. God has answered our prayers. Anthony got the perfect job, just as if it had been made specifically for him! It pays very well and provides everything he needs, even above and beyond the money, including a place to live, extra money for food and a brand-new vehicle to drive!

- North Dakota


I wanted to come to Dr. Cerullo’s meeting in Atlanta, but was completely out of money. The meeting was 130 miles away and I was driving on fumes. But, I took a step of faith and went. I passed out my real estate business card to the people at my table. A man there said he had been asking God for a realtor to represent him in the sale of his mother’s home. The house was 89 miles from my home, but I knew it was God, so I took the listing. Through a miraculous chain of events, the house sold quickly! It was amazing how God brought it all together, and I received a commission that enabled me to pay my pledge that I had made at the meeting!

- Georgia


I sent a prayer item that you may stand with me. I needed a job. God miraculously opened a door for me and I was hired for a job as a Group Business Development Manager. I give God the glory!

- Kenya

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