3 - Finances / Provisions


Dear Dr. Cerullo, my children and I had been without lights and heat for almost two months, when God miraculously provided the money to pay the bill in full. I had to throw away most of our food, but not one time did my children and I go without food or anything we needed! God kept us in the midst of our storm! Thank you and all of your prayer warriors for your genuine love and support.

- Ohio


God has blessed me with a part-time job that pays $25.00 an hour with a great company that makes more than $3.6 billion a year. And, I will be working from home. Praise the mighty Lord Jesus who intercedes for us. Thank you MCWE for praying for me.

- New Jersey


Within 24 hours after asking for prayer yesterday, my daughter finally got her badge after she had already been working for a month. Also within 24 hours, God answered another prayer request. I received my approval letter for my apartment. I was concerned about how to move, but that too worked out.

- Maryland


I sent my prayer request regarding a promotion in my work place, and I want to thank God for hearing your prayers. I was granted a long-awaited promotion. I am a born-again Christian and have worked for the organization for almost 20 years. The last promotion I received was seven years down the line. I thank the Almighty God and am not resting yet until I get my desired, high-rank promotion.

- Kenya

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