3 - Finances / Provisions


Dear Dr. Cerullo, I visited your website and submitted a prayer request for God to grant me a job as a mental health nurse. I am happy to say that the Lord almighty has granted my wishes. Thank you so much for your prayers.

- U.K.


Dr. Cerullo and Theresa, I want to express my gratitude to God and to you. The Lord wanted me to participate in your Anaheim conference. I requested God’s provision and was blessed. He provided for me through a Christian person and through you to stay at the hotel. I didn't know how I was going to make it, but I went in faith and He provided. I also received the anointing of God and know He did something in me spiritually.



I attended your Oakland meeting. Since then, the floodgates of heaven have opened in over-abundance and I cannot contain the vast overflow of blessings. My daughter is filming a four-minute spot in a feature film in Hollywood. She was picked from the agent’s website without even an audition!

- California


I had a tenant, who tried to take over my house. He refused to pay rent or to get out. He called the police and they said I can’t put him out. With the help of God and my prayer partners, the problem is over. The tenant finally decided to leave. Thank you all.

- New York


I did not have enough money to pay my rent and was afraid that they might throw me out. I was $200 short. After you prayed with me, I received a call from a church member. The lady offered me a place to live at $300 less than what I had been paying. I moved in two weeks ago and love the place. Praise God! Thank you, Morris Cerullo Prayer Center team, for praying for me.

- Nevada

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