3 - Finances / Provisions


Praise be to God! l have received my promotion, and I want to thank you and the prayer team for your support and prayers.

- Ghana


Praise the Lord! My husband and I are living in Germany. After a long time of waiting, we received a call from a man who offered jobs to both of us. God is so good! He surely provides and makes all things beautiful in His time! Thank you for all your prayers for us! God bless Papa Morris and Mama Theresa!

- Germany


We asked you to pray for a new car for us. God has provided a brand new car to us. All the glory to God!



I sent a prayer request because my wife and I were facing eviction from our apartment. We were scheduled to be evicted on December 8th, but God definitely turned that around. On Friday, December 5th, we received a tremendous blessing through a friend that I met when we moved into the neighborhood. His name is Bob, and he owns a body shop around the corner from where we live. We were behind in our rent by one month with a new month coming up. I went to see Bob regarding another matter, and as we were talking, I told him about our rent situation. I prayed for his daughter and soon after, Bob stated that the Lord Jesus had laid me on his heart. He not only gave us the back rent due for November, but also the money for December’s rent – a total of $900! What an awesome God we serve! Totally unexpected, but wow, what a blessing! We are able to stay in our apartment with the rent paid in full! Words cannot express the joy and the relief we felt when we were able to give our landlord two months’ rent. My wife and I continued to speak words of faith and confess that God supplies all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Thank you so much for praying with us and for us. We are so thankful that we have prayer warriors like your ministry on our side.

- Pennsylvania


I thank Almighty Jesus! I cried to Him to deliver me from a bank debt that was torturing my small family and me. I submitted a prayer request to you and received an encouraging email from Mr. Morris. I stood on the Lord’s Word in Deuteronomy 28, and last week I received a supernatural gift to cancel my arrears! And yesterday, another supernatural gift was promised to cancel all my debt in the bank! Hallelujah, praise my Lord! I am debt-free by the power of Jesus!



Dear Brother Cerullo, I had requested your ministry to pray for my daughter Anita to get a permanent job. I praise God now for giving her a permanent job. I thank you for praying for my daughter and for the great ministry you are doing. May God richly bless you!

- New York


I called your ministry for prayer because I needed a financial breakthrough, and I got a raise on my job. Praise God!

- California

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